Ruby Quick Tip: #tap

In these series of Ruby Quick Tips, I will try to post all the small tips I use in Ruby to improve code readability or productivity. Use them in a smart way: it’s not because you discovered a hammer that you need to see nails everywhere. In today quick tip, I present you one of my favourite functions: introducing mister #tap. Applause.

Ding 1.0!

Jekyll has hit 1.0 a few days ago! We have now more features from our beloved static site generator. For me, it was time to give my blog a new look and to try a new way to deploy it. Reading the awesome jekyll documentation, I found several references to GitHub Pages. I already knew that GitHub Pages were used for project websites or documentation but I didn’t take a look to use it for my blog.

GMail SMTP settings for Rails 3.2

Here is a quick tip for correctly configuring Rails Mailers to use with a GMail account with a custom domain name.

Rails can't scale

A few weeks ago, I was presenting a web app to some folks. At the end of the presentation, one random guy showed up and asked: Great app! What do you use? Java?

Jekyll thumbnailify plugin

##Presenting the thumbnailify plugin! Let’s say you have a beautiful static site powered by Jekyll, and then you would like to add some pictures to your posts or pages. Let me introduce you the Jekyll thumbnailify plugin! Tadaaaa!